Work Life

As many of you know, I work in the meetings and events industry, which makes attending events somewhat of a
The times I’m most confident is when I’m wearing professional business attire. I’m a big believer that you dress for
Like most people in the world, we seem to never have enough time in our day to complete everything we
I’m in sales, and in most cases, I always have to be on. I tell my prospects/clients that they can
Conferences are taking place every day, and many people want to figure out ways to stand out from the thousands
Everyone has his or her own daily routine and for the most part we wake up, get ready, go to
Are you a morning person or a night owl? Is it true that waking up early makes you more successful?
The other day I was running through the streets of Philadelphia roughly on mile 5 (so I was looking really
Learn how a new women’s networking club in Philadelphia is changing the game for women in business. Are you tired
On average, I attend 15 events a month and I have seen my fair share of “dos and don’ts” when
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