Holiday Gift Guide: Cozy Bedroom Retreat
(click on any image in the guide to shop) By far one of my favorite gift guides thus far. Why
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Philly Fashion Blogger: My Dermaplaning Experience
After a long day of wearing makeup, having my face sweat during the hot, humid summers in Philadelphia or even
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Philly Fashion Blogger’s UPRIGHT Go Trainer Results + Questions Answered
  If you are new to my blog, welcome! And if you’re starting here first, please check my previous post
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Part 1: Philly Fashion Blogger Focuses on Perfect Posture
Throughout childhood, I have vivid memories of my mother constantly reminding my siblings and me to stand up straight. She
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Philly Fashion Blogger Must Haves for Running
Julie and Kathryn at the 2018 Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Run in Philadelphia finishing under 27 minutes! Great way to start
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Philly Fashion Blogger Talks Bikini Competition Preparation
Whenever I prepare for something important I have to get my mind right. If I’m not mentally in the right
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Philly Fashion Blogger Favorite Alternatives to Dairy
When I was younger, I was lactose intolerant and over time, I slowly grew out of it. I was super
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Getting Back into Fitness
I completely understand that getting back into fitness can be hard. Really hard! There can be a number of reasons
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Philly Fashion Blogger Makes Time for Working Out
Growing up is tough. I cherish the days of my youth when I didn’t have as many responsibilities as I
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What Are We Putting in Our Coffee?
Happy Monday! If you are like me, you are probably wondering where did the weekend go? It’s now early Monday
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