One of my favorite memories as a kid was baking with my grandmother. As a child of the ’80s and
Well, here we are, day number…who even knows, I’ve lost count. We’re in this COVID-19 quarantine for the long haul
(click on any image in the guide to shop) By far one of my favorite gift guides thus far. Why
After a long day of wearing makeup, having my face sweat during the hot, humid summers in Philadelphia or even
  If you are new to my blog, welcome! And if you’re starting here first, please check my previous post
Throughout childhood, I have vivid memories of my mother constantly reminding my siblings and me to stand up straight. She
Julie and Kathryn at the 2018 Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Run in Philadelphia finishing under 27 minutes! Great way to start
Whenever I prepare for something important I have to get my mind right. If I'm not mentally in the right
When I was younger, I was lactose intolerant and over time, I slowly grew out of it. I was super
I completely understand that getting back into fitness can be hard. Really hard! There can be a number of reasons

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