Philly Blogger Favorite Healthy Drink: KOMbucha

February 7, 2018

Pineapple Peach, Raspberry Lemon, Tart Cherry, Ginger! No, I’m not talking about the colors of the rainbow or even your daily fruits; I’m talking about a healthy, feel-good drink called KOMbucha! Delicious, sparkling drinks with live probiotics and organic acids. We all like to feel good and this is honestly one of the best ways to do it, these drinks provide extreme gut health and are a yummy…

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The Importance of Meal Prep – Part 2: Philly Fashion Blogger Embraces the Prep

February 5, 2018

Wow! What an unbelievable Super Bowl. I am truly excited to be living in Philadelphia and witness the excitement. It seems as if the entire city was on Broad Street last night. Way to go Eagles! Now, I am sure many of you went a little overboard on eating yesterday. It’s time to get back on track with continuing our series on the importance of meal prep. This…


Stop the Predictability this Valentine’s Day with These Gift Ideas

February 1, 2018

Hair by: Justin Littlefield Photo creation: ReBranded Designs February is here…where did January go? Most people associate February as the month of love (or the Super Bowl). It’s the time where we start seeing ads for flowers, jewelry and or chocolates. Right? I’ve never been a fan of the predictable gift giving of Valentine’s Day. If you Google “Valentine’s Gifts” you’re guaranteed to see the pages filled with…

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The Importance of Meal Prep – Part 1: Philly Fashion Blogger Gets Real with Her Meals

January 29, 2018

Meal prep. There are so many ways to do it: chicken meal prep, budget-friendly meal prep, easy meal prep…the list goes on and on. Over the past seven months, I’ve lived a meal prep lifestyle. Honestly, there are good things about meal prep, and there are not so good things about meal prep. Coming home from a stressful day of work and grabbing an already prepared (healthy) meal…


Perfect Transitional Dress

January 25, 2018

Who’s ready for winter to end? I know I am. Even more so after this brutally cold winter, we have endured in Philadelphia. As we wish for warmth, it’s time to start thinking about transitional pieces to get us from winter to spring. I love finding great deals that not only make me feel confident in what I am wearing but also won’t break the bank. A true…


Plan Your Work Then Work Your Plan

January 24, 2018

Goals. We all have them and we do our best to achieve them. Whether they are set by ourselves or someone else, setting goals to give us something to work towards and focus on throughout the year. The best thing about setting goals is they help us to focus, work hard and hold ourselves accountable. One of my favorite methods of setting goals is using the S.M.A.R.T. criteria…


Stylish Work Bags

January 22, 2018

Ladies, let’s face it, we never work a normal 9 to 5. We work all day and night to ensure our tasks are complete. And the “normal” 9 to 5 is not limited to just our day jobs. We have hobbies, families, yoga and gym time, and let’s not forget about retail therapy. We are multi-taskers, always on the go and we need a bag to keep up…


Elevate Your Event with TheToonHeadz

January 18, 2018

In my line of work, I have the luxury of attending a variety of events all around the world. And it’s definitely a fabulous perk that I am very thankful for. Not only am I experiencing different cultures and meeting fabulous people, but I also get to see how others plan to bring uniqueness to their events. Because, when you attend as many events as I do, you…


My Favorite Jeans This Season

January 15, 2018

Jeans, in general, have never been a popular article of clothing in my closet. Not really by choice – jeans are fine – mostly it was because I could never find a pair of jeans that fit me well. I was very optimistic when it came to shopping for jeans but every time I would attempt, stores had absolutely NO jeans for my 37” inseam. You could imagine…

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Competitor In The Mirror

January 11, 2018

Congratulations! You made it to the start of 2018! January is a great time of year for personal reflection and to bury all of the negative things that happened in 2017. It’s a new start for everyone! It’s also a great time to make a commitment to you. Get back in the gym. Focus on that promotion at work that you deserve. Work on communicating more with your…


Affordable Sweaters You’ll Want to Wear All Day

January 8, 2018

Currently happening in my life right now is the unbelievable arctic freeze. It seems like most of the United States is under dangerously cold temperature warnings from the “bombcyclone” storm system. I have NEVER felt this cold in my entire life. Trust me, I would love more than anything to sit at home during this arctic freeze in my cozy J.Crew pajamas and UGG slippers with the heat…


Chic Elbow Cutout Ruffle Sweater

January 3, 2018

      My trip to beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona has come to a close. Let me tell you, the weather was absolutely beautiful! As I sit here typing, I was super excited to escape the freezing arctic cold front that took place in Philadelphia while I was on my trip. Negative 3 degrees…no thank you. Our day started with a short drive to Sedona. We took the scenic route…


Turn Heads With These NYE Outfits

December 21, 2017

Hair by: Justin Littlefield Makeup by Christina Ferrandina  Be sure to schedule your hair and makeup appointment now before your stylist books up. I absolutely love this time a year! The street lights twinkle bright and everyone is taking in the holiday spirit as the New Year approaches. It’s the time of year to reflect on the accomplishments and challenges you faced in the months prior. And it…


Sweater Dresses & Over the Knee Boots Under $100

December 18, 2017

  Dressing during the winter can be tricky and hard to navigate. In most cases, you have to decide whether you want to look fashionable or if you want to be bundled up and warm – in my case, bundled like Randy from a Christmas Story. Dilemmas! Fashionable but freezing or outdated and toasty? Well, with the right wardrobe pieces you can be fashionable and toasty! My favorite…


Winter Jackets that Elevate your Wardrobe

December 11, 2017

During the chilly winter months, jackets are crucial for keeping you warm; however, some can be overly thick and, let’s just say, not fashionable. Thankfully, over the years, many designers have created outwear that is both stylish and versatile for all climate types. Before moving to Philadelphia from Denver, I owned more sweatshirts than jackets. The old Colorado wise tail holds true, “If you hate the weather wait…