Julie Davis

As far as I can remember, I have always loved fashion, beauty, food, fitness, and creating new experiences. This still holds true to this day.

  Julie on the go!

Above are two photos of me as a child. The one on the left showcases my love for style at an early age and the one on the right is me as “Superkid” – I could get anywhere fast with my big-wheel.

During the day, I’m:

  • Sales Executive – Verifone
  • VP of Membership for the MPI Greater New York Chapter
  • Taskforce member for MPI International Board of Directors
  • Blogger of everything I encounter
  • Explorer of new things; i.e. history, fashion, makeup, workout routine
  • Most likely training for a half-marathon

 Fun facts about me:

  • I am a challenge seeker
  • My favorite movie is The Devil Wears Prada
  • I love the holidays
  • When I am home, I take daily walks to Independence Hall where I get inspired
  • I am passionate about all things technology
  • I consider myself a foodie (picky, but still a foodie)
  • Favorite drinks: Champagne, Vodka Soda, Old Fashion, Red Wine
  • I am one of five children, with a twin sister (making me technically the middle child)
  • I love volleyball and played collegiately in College
  • Was born in Arizona but an east coast girl at heart
  • I reside in Philadelphia, PA with my wonderful husband Davis (Jeff is his real name but I have called him by his last name since we met)
  • And I LOVE to shop

I know my blog isn’t for everyone… I mean that isn’t possible. There will be haters and there will be lovers but I am truly excited to share my experiences with you. Enjoy!

Julie Green and Jeff Davis

For more on my professional background visit my LinkedIn profile.

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