2020 started with all the promise and hope of a new decade. For me personally, it was supposed to be
In my opinion, I feel the majority of garments made are to fit the average figure. Yes, I hear you,
Last year I came across the clothing brand Mango, and my obsession has taken over! While in London, my husband
My Grandmother would always say to me, “Your smile is contagious!” I always knew since then; my best asset was
I'm sure like many of you; we've had our fair share of trial and error with brands and products. With
The holidays are upon us, and as cooler temperatures arrive, we start dreaming about sunny beaches and icy drinks with
I am very excited to share today’s online boutique spotlight based out of Arlington, TX – The Front Porch Boutique.
(click on any image in the guide to shop) By far one of my favorite gift guides thus far. Why
  I love this time of year! I am one of those people who decorate for Christmas right after Halloween. I
I get it, sweaters for fall? Groundbreaking! Ha! Many of us are dealing with a bit of a fall heat
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