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We’ve been receiving a number of questions from loyal readers, and instead of answering them one at a time, we wanted to create a new way on our website to give you more information about myself.

Get To Know Julie & Sarah 

What inspired you to start a blog?
JD: I really enjoy trying new things and experiences, and blogging was an outlet to share my findings with others. I want to be a voice for amazing brands/people/companies who might not have avenues to do so. I started blogging about business and networking topics, and it slowly started to grow from there. It has been a fabulous journey so far, and I cannot wait to see where it will go.

SM: Obviously Julie was my inspiration. We’ve talked for years about me possibly jumping in as a blog contributor. Then the COVID quarantine started and it seemed like the perfect time to get started.

Do you blog full-time or have a job as well?
JD: I’m not the kind of person who just does one thing. I have a full-time job as a Sales Executive and I also sit on boards and volunteer for other organizations I am interested in.

SM: Yes. Like Julie, I can’t do just one thing. I have a full-time job in strategic sales for an event furnishings company. I also own a real estate development company that I manage with my husband. We flip houses and acquire rental properties.

What are three words that best describe you?
JD: Committed, resilient and personable

SM: Ambitious, determined, and reflective

How tall are you?
JD: 5’11 without heels

SM: No one ever asks me this but I’m 5’6”


What curling iron do you use? 
JD: I use this L’ANGE Curling Wand, and I am obsessed. You can read my blog post here.

Who does your hair?
JD: My hair is only trusted by the fabulous Justin Littlefield from Mockingbird Salon in Philadelphia. I can walk into the salon, and he knows exactly what I need. He is a hair genius!

What is the one (or two) beauty product you cannot live without?
JD: This is a tough question. It’s hard to choose as different products help with various things; however, I would have to say my BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector and my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm. Here is my blog on my daily makeup.

SM: This one is easy for me. BioBare’s Skin Revivify Encapsulated Retinol 0.5% Cream has been a game-changer for me. After I had my son, my skin was in bad (I mean bad!) shape. It’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin, but highly effective. I only use it 3 days a week but it’s the one product I can’t live without!

What hair products do you use? 
JD: I recently just changed to Seed Phytonutrients and you can read about my blog post here. I LOVE this blowdry lotion as well.

SM: I like to change it up, but Living Proof is the go-to brand. Right now, I’m loving their Blowout Concentrate.

What is your favorite movie?
JD: The Devil Wears Prada

SM: The Godfather Part 1 & 2

Favorite places to shop?
JD: Since fashion is what this blog is mainly about, it’s my job to look for perfect pieces that not only I love but the audience – I have a love for many stores. Some that are my favorite are Vici, Mango, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Sephora, and Zara.

SM: To be honest, I’m a pretty basic mom so that means most of my shopping consists of strolling aimlessly around Target. However, when I do have the time to shop, I love Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Zara, and H&M. I also find a lot of great deals on HauteLook and I love that I can do in-store returns to Nordstrom Rack.

What is your favorite drink (coffee and alcohol)?
JD: Depending on the day – I love a good Manhattan, Red Wine, Grey Goose, and soda. For coffee I love an iced coffee with a splash of steamed almond milk (summer) in colder weather I’ll drink it hot! Around the holidays, I will splurge for a Peppermint Mocha (2 pumps of both and almond milk).

SM: I love a good dark rum or bourbon mixed with either club soda or water. I hate super sweet cocktails. For wine, I like a nice cab with some legs on it. For coffee, I’m a purist. I like strong black coffee either hot or iced. Sometimes, I’ll throw in an extra shot of espresso or two because being a mom is exhausting. The only time I deviate from my usual coffee is for a LaColumbe Draft Latte. So good!

Where is one place you want to travel to this year?
JD: I absolutely love to travel and explore new places (especially history). My last trip was London/Scotland and I had a blast! Currently working on rescheduling my 15-day wine trip to Tuscany due to COVID.

SM: I absolutely love adventuring with my husband. In January, we took a short trip to Barcelona. It was a kid-free getaway and so much fun. We’re planning a much longer Nordic family vacation sometime in 2021. We’d like to go to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and hit Iceland on the way home.

What is your go-to outfit for work, casual, going out?
JD: My number one go-to would be any kind of dress. Some of my dresses are from Vici, Mango, or Ann Taylor. They are fabulous for either day or night and you can easily dress them down or up with the right accessories. I also love high heels for almost all my outfits and my Cole Haan’s for casual wear.

SM: Since I play so many different roles, versatility is important for me. On any given day, I could be meeting with c-suite level clients, navigating convention center loading docks, meeting a distressed homeowner, or checking in at a construction site. Plus, I have to be prepared to drop to the floor at a moment’s notice to play trucks with my 3-year-old. I’ve found that I can’t go wrong with black skinny jeans by AG or J Brand and a solid v-neck t-shirt like this one by Vince. I can dress it up with heels,  a bright blazer, and accessories or keep it casual with flats and a cardigan.

What are your fashion pet peeves?
JD: I have so many pet peeves…people need to try at least an attempt to look presentable. If you look like you just rolled out of bed to go to work, it’s not a good look. I also hate when men wear a tux, and their belly is hanging out (get a longer vest).

SM: I’m all for people to express themselves through fashion however they choose, but one thing that bothers me is ill-fitted clothing. Whether it’s too tight or too baggy, nothing looks sloppier than a bad fit.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
JD: Reese anything! And I love vegan cupcakes or dairy-free ice cream.

SM: Chips and queso or Swedish fish.

What are your favorite items to eat?
JD: Chips and salsa, mash potatoes and gravy, and sushi.

SM: Nachos, tacos, and chicken caesar salad.

What is your favorite flower?
JD: I love all flowers, but sunflowers are my favorite

SM: Peonies

What is your favorite book?
JD: Any book that helps keep me learning. I love business and historical books. Currently reading this book and this book.

SM: I’m also a fan of self-development books. Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss is probably my current favorite. I also love historical fiction. My all-time favorite is The Reader by Bernard Schlink.

What is your favorite accessory?
JD: I’ve been obsessing over many Uncommon James pieces. Right now this necklace and this necklace (for layering) and these earrings.

SM: A big tote bag like this one that can fit my laptop and tons of toddler snacks.

What is your favorite perfume?
JD: I don’t have a favorite perfume but currently, I’m using Michael Kors Sexy Amber

SM: Chance by Chanel.

What are your favorite colors?
JD: Favorite colors are purple, gold and lime green

SM: Green

What is your favorite app on your phone?
JD: The camera app as I love taking candid photos of my adventures

SM: Sweat by Kayla Itsine so I can workout anytime, anywhere.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure television show?
JD: Billions, Expedition Unknown, Belgravia, Better Call Saul, and Outlander

SM: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Billions, and Peaky Blinders are my favorite shows, but my guilty pleasure is anything on HGTV.

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