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Philly Fashion Blogger Must Haves for Running

April 9, 2018

Julie and Kathryn at the 2018 Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k Run in Philadelphia finishing under 27 minutes! Great way to start off their race season. Guess what? It’s that time of year again where I start my training for 5k’s, 10k’s, Half-Marathons and Tough Mudder. When I tell people I’m training for a race, they always look at me like I am crazy. And their usual response is “Why”…

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Philly Fashion Blogger Talks Bikini Competition Preparation

April 2, 2018

Whenever I prepare for something important I have to get my mind right. If I’m not mentally in the right place, anything that follows can be a catastrophe. Mental preparedness brings forth more balance, consistency and the ability to do things with a clear head and a focused mind. One of my most memorable times of pushing my mental (and physical) self, was when I was preparing for…

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Born To Be A Star: Camille Peruto

March 30, 2018

Photos: Provided by Camille Peruto Have you ever attended an event and when you walked into the venue you were instantly mesmerized by a performer that hit you at your core? I’ve been to plenty of events/concerts and even restaurants that had live bands/performers and nothing struck me more than when I heard Camille Peruto performing at The Union League in Philadelphia. To say I was drawn to…

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Brunching in Philadelphia

March 7, 2018

Sunday by far has to be my favorite day of the week. Why do you ask? Because Sunday is all about fun, brunching with your friends and loved ones while you overindulge on delicious food and mimosas. I mean Sunday fun-day is truly all about brunching. I have never been one to love breakfast because, for me, variety is a must. You can only do so much with…

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Philly Fashion Blogger Says Getting Up At 5:00 a.m. is The New Black

February 26, 2018

Recently, a few of my blogs have focused on time-saving tips. My three-part series on meal prep gave you tips on how to save time in the kitchen. I also blogged about my favorite workout called the 21-Day Fix and how it’s saved me hours and hours from the gym allowing me more time to focus on my work, my wonderful husband and, of course, my blog. But…

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Philly Fashion Blogger Takes on the Healthy Eats of Philadelphia

February 19, 2018

Philadelphia is known for a lot of great things: the birthplace of America, the home of the first zoo, Bradley Cooper and delicious food. In the past four years, I’ve had the opportunity to dine at some of the best restaurants Philly has to offer. Now, I’m no restaurant critic, and I’m not big on red meat pork or cheese, but like you, my loyal readers, I’m a…

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Quick, Delicious Dinners with Hello Fresh

February 15, 2018

Let’s talk about something for a second…what’s for dinner? No, seriously; what’s for dinner? This is a question that haunts busy men and women daily, and 100% something we do not feel like doing when we get home from work, the gym or wherever. There are millions of different solutions out there, including ordering takeout, going out to eat and of course meal prepping. But for now, I…

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Stop the Predictability this Valentine’s Day with These Gift Ideas

February 1, 2018

Hair by: Justin Littlefield Photo creation: ReBranded Designs February is here…where did January go? Most people associate February as the month of love (or the Super Bowl). It’s the time where we start seeing ads for flowers, jewelry and or chocolates. Right? I’ve never been a fan of the predictable gift giving of Valentine’s Day. If you Google “Valentine’s Gifts” you’re guaranteed to see the pages filled with…

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Elevate Your Event with TheToonHeadz

January 18, 2018

In my line of work, I have the luxury of attending a variety of events all around the world. And it’s definitely a fabulous perk that I am very thankful for. Not only am I experiencing different cultures and meeting fabulous people, but I also get to see how others plan to bring uniqueness to their events. Because, when you attend as many events as I do, you…

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Chic Elbow Cutout Ruffle Sweater

January 3, 2018

      My trip to beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona has come to a close. Let me tell you, the weather was absolutely beautiful! As I sit here typing, I was super excited to escape the freezing arctic cold front that took place in Philadelphia while I was on my trip. Negative 3 degrees…no thank you. Our day started with a short drive to Sedona. We took the scenic route…

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Date Night Made Easy

December 13, 2017

  Who doesn’t love a good date night? Getting all dressed up for a night on the town, taking in the sites and enjoying a nice meal… count us in! Especially in Philadelphia where in recent years, the restaurant sense has been booming and options are endless. With so many great restaurants to choose from how does one answer the age-old question of, “Where should we go for…

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Lashes for Days

November 15, 2017

Let’s face it, we always want what we don’t have and for me that’s long luscious eyelashes. For years I have always purchased a variety of glue on strip eyelashes to accentuate my eyes. Don’t get me wrong, they looked amazing but the process of putting them on was a struggle. I am not an expert and if people only knew how long it took me each time…