Return of the House Dress

September 2, 2020

2020 started with all the promise and hope of a new decade. For me personally, it was supposed to be a year filled with travel and adventure. My husband and I kicked off the year with an unforgettable long weekend in Barcelona, and we were mapping out trips to visit family around the country, professional development conferences and at least one more jaunt to Europe. All of this was supposed to happen alongside our bustling corporate travel schedules. In short, it was going to be an epic year for our American Airlines frequent flyer accounts, but the universe had other plans for us…COVID. 

We welcomed the slower pace of life in lockdown throughout April and May, pretty much lounging in jeans and gym clothes every day. By mid-summer, I was in full-blown fashion withdrawal. Enter the house dress

To be honest, at first, I resisted this trend. I imagine that both of my grandmothers at one time in their lives donned a house dress or two. While the images in my mind of both them running after children, cooking casseroles, and vacuuming in apron-cinched waists and heels are fabulous, they also felt anti-feminist. Nonetheless, one day, bored of my quarantine uniform of floaty tops and jeans, I decided to throw on a dress instead. 

The house dress is surprisingly versatile. I moved flawlessly from video-conferencing with clients to chasing after my energetic four year old on long walks in our neighborhood, and I finally felt like myself again. 

Here are a few of my faves! What are you wearing to feel fabulous at home?

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