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May 20, 2019

I’m sure like many of you; we’ve had our fair share of trial and error with brands and products. With the abundance of new products and brands hitting the market on the regular, it sometimes can be challenging to stay true to one brand – and why should we? I love mixing products that fit my needs, and I have rounded up a few of my favorite must-haves.

First, let’s discuss my outfit above, this jumpsuit is one of my many favorite pieces from Vici. They are by far my go-to online boutique to purchase affordable, chic, casual clothes. Everything is under $100, and I’m completely satisfied with every purchase. Many of my IG stories are based on outfits from them. Sign up for their newsletter to receive updated information on their weekly arrivals and coupons. To receive 20% off your purchase today, use code STYLE20. And of course, if I am not in high heels, you will find me in my Cole Haan white sneakers.

With all my travels and the weather dramatically changing, it has left my skin extremely dry. I’ve tried countless moisturizers and creams, and it wasn’t until I found this one that I finally felt my skin refreshed and hydrated. I love the way it makes my face feel after I’ve applied it. You can instantly feel the moisture penetrating the skin and feel the hydration throughout the day. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily at all, and since using it, I’ve noticed fewer breakouts. I highly recommend this product as well as this one from their collection.

By far the BEST dry texturing spray I have ever used. I was introduced to this line from my fabulous hairdresser, and I cannot leave home without it. When I am looking for glamorous hair day after day, I know I can count on Oribe. In-between washes, Oribe removes excess oil and adds the volume I need. Even in high humidity, my hair stays exactly how I intended it. The spray is invisible, which I appreciate as others have left my hair white/gray with a residue that made me want to jump in the shower right after using it. I carry the travel size with me at all times – just in case my hair needs an extra boost.

Still, to this day L’ange Ondulé Curling Wand is my favorite. You can read more about this brand in my previous post here. It is super easy to use, and the curls last all day. I’ve become an expert with my wand – my thick hair can be curled entirely in under ten minutes.

I was heading to Vegas for my husband’s birthday and I was in desperate need of a tan. Since I didn’t have the time to lay outside, I was in search of either a spray tan company or a self-tanner I apply in the comfort of my home. I researched for a while and my coworker mentioned this brand as she has used it in the past. My worry, of course, was I didn’t want to look orange, streaky or even smell like tanning products. Since using it, I am completely obsessed and use it all the time. Applying the product was super easy, didn’t have a bad odor to it and worked within minutes. They do have products for your face however, I did use this on my face before heading to Vegas and it was fine. I use the medium color.

Helpful Tips:

  • Apply in the evening to properly set while you sleep
  • Shower and fully exfoliated – I recommend not shaving before you apply but if you need to shave run cold water over your legs as the solution will penetrate your pores.
  • Make sure you are completely dry and do not apply other products like lotion before you use
  • Use glove and mitt and apply as if you are applying lotion
  • Let dry for five to ten minutes before you put on your clothes
  • I recommend not showering the next morning

One of my favorite things to do is take off all my makeup as soon as I know I’m officially done for the day. Having a clean face makes me happy. I have always used these wipes and this cleansing mask. The Perfectly Clean multi-action foam cleanser/purifying mask is exceptionally refreshing and smells lovely. It lathers smoothly on my face and gently removes any outstanding makeup and helps unclog my pores. I use it daily as my cleanser, and my face has never felt better.

I truly hate the look of my dark circles and have tried many products to reduce the puffiness and darkness. These three products are my must haves to assist with my annoying under eye issues.

Twice a week, I use this Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask. The next morning my eyes are completely rejuvenated, and I look wide awake. I use them when I have a big meeting the next day or after a long day of travel.

I am addicted to my full coverage under eye brightening corrector. It helps brighten my dark circles instantly and last all day long. I apply it right before my concealer and add a little extra under the corner of each eye. It helps counter my dark circles, brightens my eyes and leaves my skin looking natural. I don’t know how I went so long without knowing about this product.

I’ve just started using these eye contour hydra-gels and so far I am loving them. It has helped reduce my puffiness. I will keep everyone updated with my progress.

I wanted to find some badass earrings that made me feel super chic. I found these earrings and instantly fell in love. They go with everything and elevate any outfit. After falling in love with these earrings, I explored the brand more and have found even more pieces that I must have. Not only do I love my Voyager’s Dream earrings but I have found another brand that adds an edger look.

I love heels – hence my blog name. And it has taken me some time to find a pair of heels that are not only reasonably priced that I can wear all day without pain. I’ve been wearing my expense shoes at work and noticed the wear and tear and I wasn’t happy about it. When I found these heels, not only did they fit/feel great but they didn’t destroy as quickly as I thought. I was happy to save my investment with my other shoes while wearing these that save me money and still look great. I always check back to see what new colors/patterns have been released.

Finding this product has by far helped me fall asleep much quicker than anything else I have tried. With my mind going a million miles a minute and never shutting off, I needed something to help me turn my brain off and get some much-needed rest. I LOVE these and take them every night. They taste good and work fast. I will never run out of this product.

Of course, we cannot forget about a fabulous lip gloss. I personally feel having a great lip gloss completes any look. I love this brand, and my personal favorite is Sugar- Sugar Shimmer finish. The colors are bright, long lasting, and leave a manageable shine. There are multiple colors and finishes to choose from. A must have for those who love a beautiful glossy look.

I am always on the hunt to find amazing products to share with all of you. I am currently trying a couple of others and will have a blog review up in the next upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!

If you have used these products I mentioned above or have some of your personal favorites, please share.

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