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Holiday Gift Guide: Cozy Bedroom Retreat

November 18, 2018

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By far one of my favorite gift guides thus far. Why you ask? Well, I know for me, I love nothing more than coming home from a long day at work, slipping into comfortable pajamas and retreating to my bedroom. It is the best feeling ever! If I feel this way, I am sure you do as well. I collected these items for this bedroom retreat gift guide for you to either purchase for a friend/loved one or pass along to your gift giver. Whether you are receiving these items or gifting, you are on the right track to a more restful sleep for the New Year.

Here are some additional details on the items above:

Let’s talk about the sheets! If you haven’t read my previous blog on my hunt for the perfect sheets, you can read it here. It’s been almost a year strong with these sheets, and I am still in love!

I wear a robe every day! Finding a comfortable one can be tricky. This plush fleece robe provides softness all day long and is available in eight other colors.

Sleeping in total darkness is AMAZING! Shut out all the light in style with these faux fur eye masks. Complete comfort for the entire evening.

There are a large number of classic pajamas in department stores and rounding up a few of my favorites was tough. Last year I had these pajamas on my list (and still wear them today), and for this year, I have added three more to my nightly routine.

You can NEVER have enough of socks and cozy slippers. I love having socks or slippers on my feet at all times. I know there are many who either prefer none or maybe one or the other, and that is why I added one of each on this holiday guide. I love these soft, faux fur slippers with the added pom details. You can wear them around the house all day without having your feet stink. If you aren’t a slippers person, I found these holiday designed crew socks for only $10.

Give the gift of restfulness to yourself or loved ones. Drop a note here if you need any help with anyone on your list this year. Happy shopping everyone! More gift guides are coming soon.

Here are some other options for pajamas:


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