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Philly Fashion Blogger: Gorgeous Eyelash Extensions Are Here To Stay

July 30, 2018

OK, Ladies, who doesn’t want luscious, full and dream-worthy eyelashes? If you’re on social media or own a television, I am sure you have noticed more and more ads surfacing on a variety of products and services to help us achieve long, luscious eyelashes. Clearly, someone is onto something, and I am not mad about it at all! Not only do I see these advertisements daily, but also many of my friends have been asking me about what they should do to achieve such a look. I LOVE it when my eyelashes are fully plump, and I am always looking into ways to achieve long-lasting eyelashes.

I have always worn eyelash strips when I needed to elevate my look, and my initial venture with eyelash extension was almost a year ago. You can read more on my backstory here. But this experiment was short-lived, as the particular eyelashes extensions didn’t hold up. These eyelash extensions would fall out within a couple of days, and I felt as if I was spending more time in the salon correcting the issues than actually enjoying these beauties. I decided enough was enough and I took a small break from eyelash extensions.

Well, as much as my initial eyelash extension game was short-lived…my break from them was even shorter. After some time, I started to truly miss my volumized look. Even my husband felt the same. I decided it was time to put eyelash extensions back on, but this time, I was going to put a little more research behind it.

One of my fabulous friends in Philadelphia, who also loves eyelash extensions as much as I do, had similar problems with her previous eyelashes extension service. Then, one day, she found a spot in Philadelphia that was doing eyelashes differently. She decided to try them, and I was blown away by her results, and I knew this could be the right place for me.

What was the difference? The difference is the glue, quality of lashes and technique. The product she uses is from NovaLash, an award-winning product with a different technique on how eyelash extensions should adhere. I instantly noticed a difference in how my eyes felt and how strong my eyelash extensions stuck to my natural lashes.

After talking with my NovaLash esthetician, I discovered there was a meticulous process she had to go through to apply the NovaLash products. An esthetician/cosmetologist must undergo a comprehensive, highly technical, elite training period until they have reached the NovaLash’s standards. Once these standards are met, they are officially NovaLash Certified Extensionist. NovaLash licensed professionals are trained to be extremely efficient and adhere each lash and lash intentions on a 1:1 bond. This helps with natural growth and longer lasting eyelashes.


  • Extra strength formula for long-lasting wear
  • 1:1 bond with your natural eyelash and with each extension
  • Waterproof
  • You can shower immediately
  • Safe to sweat (workout, sauna/steam room) immediately
  • Oil resistant (Safe to use products with oils)
  • Minimal maintenance (based on individuals lash growth)

After all my research, I booked my appointment with Nikki (her contact details below), and I was blown away by how fabulous my new eyelashes were and still are to this day. I can sleep how I want (on my side which is usually a no-no with eyelashes), if I need to rub my eyes, I can without fear of losing all my extensions in one rub, I can apply makeup and workout right after. The best part is they last for a long time. I have gone almost a month, and my eyelash extensions still look lovely. Hands down the best eyelashes ever. And don’t just take my word for it – NovaLash is leading the industry with numerous awards that you can find a full listing here.

I received some questions during my IG stories and wanted to add them to this blog post.

How are eyelash extensions put on?

Nikki is a true eyelash extension magician and works magic every time I see her.  She makes the overall experience very enjoyable. Once you lie down and get comfortable, she adds a refreshing eye mask under your eyes. This mask assists with wrinkle prevention, cooling and brightening: a true win/win. She examines your eyelashes, makes sure they are clean and starts to apply each extension to your eyelash (1:1 bond). As she works her way to each lash, she sprays your lashes with a cooling mist to make sure the 1:1 bond is sealed and dries them to finish the connection. She double checks each lash to make sure they are separated from one another, combs a brush through them and dries them one last time.

How long did it take?

Timing is different for everyone as it depends on your eyelashes. But on average your first session is two hours. And depending on your frequency, other sessions are anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

I book my appointments for every 2-3 weeks. I like my lashes very full, so I stick to the two-week timeline. But it’s different per person and your natural eyelash growth cycle.

Are there any maintenance products?

I use my usual face wash, but NovaLash does have eyelash cleaner. Here are the products I use.

Can I wear mascara with eyelash extensions?

You can, but I don’t feel you need it. I only add mascara to my under eyelashes.

Can I use an eyelash curl while I am wearing my extensions?

No! Never use an eyelash curler while you have extensions on. This can damage the eyelashes.

Do they fall out if you rub your eyes?

I am a HUGE eye rubber, and I have not (knock on wood) had a problem. I am guessing it is because of the extra strength glue. Note: I clearly know I should not rub my eyes, but easier said than done!

Will eyelash extensions irritate my eyes?

I recommend trying the sensitive NovaLash glue first. I have terrible allergies, and when they kick up, I change to the sensitive glue.

What do eyelash extensions cost?

The first set is roughly $200, and refills are $50-$75 per refill (depending on how long you wait between appointments).

If you have tried eyelashes extensions before and had a negative experience, you need to try NovaLash. Even though my first try at eyelash extensions didn’t work for my eyes, I didn’t want to give up. You can achieve glamorous eyelashes like many others and me who use NovaLash! If you are in the Greater Philadelphia Area, head over to Forever Young Med Spa and book an appointment with Nikki. If you don’t live in Philadelphia, you can locate a salon near you here.

If you have any questions regarding my experiences, please share.

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