JCH: Homemade Jewelry From Brooklyn, NY

July 23, 2018

In my 2018 New York (capsule) show blog post, I was able to spotlight some of the best high-end contemporary and directional independent designers. Continuing the conversation about the different brands I encountered, I wanted to spotlight JCH: homemade jewelry made by Jen Cogliantry in Brooklyn, NY.

As I strolled the isles of the showcase, JCH’s booth captivated my attention and was officially my first stop. I was fascinated by the various elements of her collection of jewelry: earrings, rings, and necklaces. Piece after piece spoke to me and I was intrigued by each creation. Before long, Jen introduced herself and provided me with her story and how a hobby turned into a business.

Her background is in graphic design but for as long as she could remember she has always been interested in creating things with her hands. She would find herself experimenting with sewing, knitting, quilting, painting, designing, etc., and after much exploration and experimentation, it started to pave the way for her brand. After perfecting her new skills, she created her first wearable piece – a knit cuff for a friend. That knit cuff led to a line that has grown to include a beautiful collection of cast pieces and custom wall hangings. Every piece started to evolve in a very creative way. She wants to create pieces that feel organic, natural, subtle but complimentary. And every single piece is conceived and produced solely by her.

She is undoubtedly creative, and I absolutely loved her determination. As we discussed the show and fashion; I started looking at her collection. A couple of her pieces caught my eye instantly: tourmaline studs, ear tassels earrings, crescent necklacechandelier earrings, and arcs + fiber necklace. Don’t get me wrong, her other pieces are fabulous, but those jumped at me right away. I loved them so much, I couldn’t wait to put in an order.

Tourmaline Studs (I’m wearing marine/silver-fill)
The color and texture set these earrings apart from others. I love the richness of the color and how the stone shines when light hits. Also available in pink/14k gold-fill and champagne/14k gold-fill

Ear Tassels Earrings (I’m wearing silver grey)
I cannot get enough of these earrings. The texture of the gold and the added pop of color in the tassel adds a significant element to any of my looks. Also available in cocoa, crème, and blush pink.

Crescent Necklace (I’m wearing metallic gold)
It is a classic accessory that can be worn with anything. This is my trusty go-to necklace that never disappoints. It might look minimal, but it’s a real wow factor. Also available in taupe suede, and black.

I find myself looking at her website to see what new pieces she has created. I want every piece in her collection in my jewelry box. Everything I own is excellent quality and very versatile. You won’t regret owning any of her jewelry.

Thank you again, Jen, for creating quality, unique jewelry that fit perfectly with my wardrobe. I know I always feel polished when I wear something from the JCH Collection. Keep up the outstanding work!

Do you own a piece of JCH collection or see one that caught your eye? Please share!

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