Philly Fashion Blogger Round Up: Off The Shoulder Tops

July 11, 2018

Currently, most of us are going through an extreme heatwave that seems to have no end in sight. The east coast has been reaching some severe heat temperatures lately and the only thing I want to do is either sit beachside in my swimwear or completely shut myself off to the world and stay indoors until the temperature breaks. However, neither of those options work for me so I am going to brave the heat in style.

When it’s hot outside, clothing options can sometimes be limited. And when it’s hot, it’s ideal to wear the least amount of clothing as possible, right?  One of my favorite looks that keeps you looking fashionable but also feeling cool in the heat would have to be an off the shoulder shirt.

I love off the shoulder tops because they:

  1. Can easily be worn dressy or casually
  2. Are versatile and super stylish during any seasons
  3. Show a little sexier side of you without revealing too much skin
  4. Are flowy and breathable during the heat of summer
  5. Come in a different variety of styles

Off the shoulder tops are a wardrobe essential and can be found in almost any store. I have many of them hanging in my closet and they are by far one of my favorite trends to shop for during the summer. Here are some of my favorites:

Besides dresses, I feel off the shoulder tops can be worn effortlessly. There are endless options for off the shoulder tops that match any style and any look from day to night. From the fabric to the smallest detail, you can find ones that fit your lifestyle perfectly. And they are a great way to look fashionable while sweating in the heat.

Off The Shoulder Top Details From The Photos Above

Off White Multi-Colored Trim Top
This top is super lightweight, breathable and extremely comfortable. It runs really large, I recommend going down a size or two. I love the length of the top and can be easily paired with any bottoms.

Cannes Off The Shoulder Top – Navy
The embroidery detail on this top is incredible the scalloped hem really elevates the chicness of any look. It does run large.

VICI Collection has an abundant variety of off the shoulder tops that are a must for your wardrobe. New items arrive weekly and are sure to order quickly as they sell fast. Here you will find their selection of off the shoulder tops.

Now that I have rounded up some of my favorites, I would love to hear from you on which off the shoulder top you cannot live without.



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