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Philly Fashion Blogger Finds The Most Comfortable Sheets Ever

July 2, 2018


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After a long day of constant hustle, nothing sounds more relaxing than climbing into a comfortable bed to recharge for the next day. For most people, the bedroom is an escape from the grind of the day – well at least it is for me. However, as much as I love my bedroom, sometimes my bedroom does not love me. I personally don’t get as much sleep as I should. Not by choice, it’s just extremely hard for me to relax. Sometimes my mind races with questions: how can I be more successful at work or how can I grow A lot of times I play out the details of my day tomorrow. Some nights I get caught up watching a television show or reading a good business book and next thing I know it’s midnight. For a while, I wasn’t sure if it was my mind that wouldn’t shut off or if my bedding wasn’t holding up to the comfort that I needed.

Lucky for me, I get to travel a lot for work, which means I get the opportunity to stay in a lot of hotels. Some people hate traveling for work and staying in hotels, but I don’t mind it. Spending so much time in hotel rooms actually helped me figure a few things out about my sleeping habits. Some nights I would sleep like I normally do, terrible, but other nights I would sleep great. Why in the world was this happening? I love the mattress in my home. It had to be the sheets, right?

I came to realize that I really haven’t had much luck in the bedding department and this could be a key factor in my lack of beauty sleep. Through my adult years, I’ve gone through more sheets than I would care to admit. Time after time the bedding I had purchased that I thought would hold up to my standards fell very short. I had to get some much-needed hotel sleep in my own bedroom!

My husband and I were on yet another hunt for sheets and were unsuccessful in many of our finds. I’d be too cold, he was too hot or the sheets would fall apart after a few washes. After my frustration grew, I decided to buy bedding that would just last for now until I found something better.

Well, ladies and gentleman, my husband and I have found a winner (finally!). From our previous post about Soft Surroundings, I mentioned that they offered bedding. Of course, you could only imagine that I gravitated towards that section of the store to speak with one of their staff members about their bedroom retreat philosophy.  After learning about their different types of sheets, we concluded that the best sheets for me would be the Luxury Bamboo line – available in four colors (white, grey, silver sage and bisque) and they are currently on sale. I purchased the full set and was on my way home to see if they would truly hold up to the test.

We are over a month into our sheets and we are still obsessed. These bamboo sheets are THE BEST SHEETS EVER!!! And I mean that! The sheets are incredibly comfortable and soft. Since bamboo has a natural thermo-regulator, they remarkably keep our body temperature just right. I like to be warm and my husband likes to stay cool – and with these sheets, both of us are exceptionally happy. The sheets are very durable and get better after every wash.

After a long day, I need to recharge these sheets have helped me sleep better and feel more relaxed. I’m happy to report that my bedroom and I are back to a love-love relationship status.

The robe I am wearing is super soft and is perfect for lounging around the house. It’s true to size and comes in two colors (light pink and white). It is not too heavy and will keep you cozy feeling all day long.

We’ve all had nights where we can’t sleep. What do you do when you can’t sleep?

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