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May 31, 2018

Photo Credit: Dennis Kim

The name says it all: Empowering In Heels. But let’s face it, sometimes wearing heels ALL day can be a bit of a pain…literally! We love dominating our careers and date nights in a sleek, sexy pair of heels. However, we live in the city and we walk everywhere: to our jobs, to the gym and back home again. Sometimes it’s okay to give our feet a well-deserved rest.

Sometimes the issue becomes comfort and fashion. It can be a struggle to find the right combination of comfort while still being fashionable. What options do you have when you’ve been dominating all day in heels and you still have a full night of activities? No, sorry, the answer is not neon green Crocks (you know who you are). Think classier but comfortable alternatives to your heels. Believe us, your feet will thank you.

Let’s not get crazy and start wearing our gym shoes. Leave those beauties in the gym and spice up your comfortable look with our two favorite alternatives:

Converse: We’ll start with these because a low top pair of All-Stars goes well with everything. You can dress down a look or you can class up your sporty casual look with these low-top kicks. The classic Chuck Taylor sneaker also gives your feet (legs, back, and neck) a bit of a break from your favorite pair of heels. They also pair perfectly with formal suiting on walks to work. Converse come in so many different colors and styles and they are available everywhere.

Cole Haan classic white GrandPro Tennis Sneaker: Similar to the low top Converse, without the “just leaving the gym” look. This shoe provides a classic “pop” to any look during the spring or summer months. They are very lightweight and go perfectly with any ensemble. Afraid of keeping these pearl whites clean? No worries! Grab a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser from the store and buff out any smudges. These sneakers will last a lifetime.

Don’t worry, The Empowering In Heels team is all about wearing heels; however, it’s okay to change up looks depending on the way your body feels. Besides, why be in pain when you have so many additional options, right? Between our Converse and Cole Haan additions, we’re always walking through the city in style.

Other than a running sneaker, what do you wear when you want to combine comfort and fashion? Send us a note and we’ll feature you and your favorite shoe in an upcoming blog post.

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