Nutrition: On Trend for Spring

May 14, 2018

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With a new season comes the turnover of our wardrobe. We trade our sweaters, boots and scarves for sundresses, tank tops and bathing suits.

But did you know you should be changing the food on your plate according to the season too?

Seasonal eating is the process of eating according to the to the three harvests – spring, summer and fall. It’s eating as nature intended.

After a long winter of warming soups, roasted vegetables and slow cooker meals, it’s time to lighten up your plate.

So, what’s on the nutritional “runway” for spring?

Leafy Greens
Health Benefits: Spring is nature’s new year and it’s abundant in leafy green vegetables to help alkalize and detoxify the body.

Getting a variety of greens – spinach, kale, arugula, chard, etc. – ensures you’re getting the maximum variety of nutrients in your body and flavor for your taste buds!

How to Store: Before placing your leafy greens in the crisper, place a paper towel in the container to balance the moisture content and extend the life of the greens.

How to Serve: Enjoy them as a salad, toss them in a smoothie or sauté them up as a side dish.

Health Benefits: Asparagus is a great source of fiber, iron and chlorophyll.

How to Store: We get a little fancy around here in storing asparagus. Keep the rubber band around the bunch, trim an inch off the ends, stand the asparagus in a glass jar with an inch or two of water and loosely cover with a plastic bag in your fridge. This will keep it fresh for up to a week!

How to Serve: You can steam, grill or sauté them for a tasty side dish to any spring meal.

Health Benefits: These deeply colored veggies are great for your blood, circulation and overall detoxification.

How to Store: Beets can last for up to two weeks in the veggie drawer in your fridge.

How to Serve: Roast them as a side dish or addition to your salad or add them to your next smoothie or juice! Don’t toss the leaves! They’re a great green to serve up as a side dish or toss in your smoothie.

Health Benefits: These treats are loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants and sweet flavor – they even are known to whiten your teeth!

How to Store: If you’re going to enjoy these within 3 days of purchasing and your kitchen is a neutral temperature, place your strawberries in a beautiful bowl on your countertop.

How to Serve: Eat them whole, slice them up, layer them in a chia seed parfait, blend them in a smoothie – the options are endless!

Enjoy these spring foods in this special edition Empowering In Heels Spring Cookbook!

Author: Alene L. Brennan, RYT

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