Philly Fashion Blogger Makes a Bold Statement with Vincera Watches

April 24, 2018

Recently, I found myself ponding over my jewelry collection. My jewelry style has always been very simple but classy. I’ll dabble with bold statement pieces here and there but for the most part, I pretty much lean towards the more professional style pieces. I’ve always loved having the ability to play around with my jewelry to help elevate my look and recently watches have been my new focus.

Some of you might find that statement strange because usually, people don’t think of watches as a changeable fashion accessory or even a way to even further elevate a look. Mainly because in most cases people own maybe one watch. Whether it’s an expensive watch, a sports watch or a watch you just picked up at the store – watches usually are just an afterthought and nothing more. As long as it tells time, it’s fine, right? Wrong! After my long ponder, I started to think of different ways to rethink the way watches could add another element to an outfit, which lead me to my search. It’s time to step up the wrist game! Who’s with me?

On my hunt, I came across a company called Vincero Watches. Their women’s watch collection (called Vincera) immediately pulled me in. Instantly, I was drawn to the elegance of the variety of styles in their collection. Not only do they have multiple faceplates but they also have a variety of straps to match any fashionistas style needs. With our busy lifestyles and the numerous events we attend, we need a watch that can hold up to our fashion-forward lifestyle.

Besides looking classy, here’s a little bit more about the Vincera collection:

  1. Very stylish watches ranging from $119 to $149 (use STYLE15 and receive 15% off your order)
  2. Their variety of interchangeable straps ranging from $35 to $49. You have different colors to different materials to elevate any look with just one push of a button. Making it easy to wear from day to night.
  3. Quality product
  4. 24-month warranty
  5. Free worldwide shipping

After browsing their site, I finally narrowed down my selection to two watches. I purchased The Kleio Mesh Rose Gold and The Eros Mesh Silver + White. When they arrived, I was very pleased. The packaging was elegant and displayed the watch perfectly. The strap fit my wrist just right and the entire look was flawless. Note: if you do need to make adjustments to the strap, you can find the instructions here.

Now that I have seen the product and have worn them on a couple of occasions, I am very satisfied with my purchase. Not only have I already purchased additional watches for my girlfriends, but I’ve also bought additional straps for myself: this one and this one!

Don’t get left behind with the same old boring watchstrap! Elevate your fashion with the Vincera collection and dominate your wrist game!

Shop Vincera watches or straps today. Be sure to use STYLE15 to receive 15% off your order). They are a fantastic gift for you or a friend.

Author: Julie Davis

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    Julia R.
    April 30, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    Love the watches & the whole look!

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