Stop the Predictability this Valentine’s Day with These Gift Ideas

February 1, 2018

Hair by: Justin Littlefield Photo creation: ReBranded Designs

February is here…where did January go? Most people associate February as the month of love (or the Super Bowl). It’s the time where we start seeing ads for flowers, jewelry and or chocolates. Right? I’ve never been a fan of the predictable gift giving of Valentine’s Day. If you Google “Valentine’s Gifts” you’re guaranteed to see the pages filled with ads for roses or chocolates. I mean not a bad gift at all to receive by any means (the majority of the world loves flowers and or chocolates) but when everyone else around your special loved one is also receiving the same thing, it’s not that memorable. Disclaimer: if you know your loved one is obsessed with flowers, send them flowers but add another element that will wow them! It’s time to stop being predictable and add extra love and attention to your gift giving this year. Let’s leave those clichés to the youngsters! =)

Cards and thoughtful gifts have always been near and dear to my heart. Nothing screams “I put a lot of time into something” than having a crafted card written just for you. Or having a gift that isn’t from your local Walgreens (you know who you are). It’s all about the time and effort you put into it. This rule isn’t just for your significant other, this goes for your Galentine’s too!

I’m super lucky to have found someone to love for the rest of my life and even though we aren’t big into Valentine’s Day. We always find creative ways to celebrate and try to stay away from those clichés.

In my search for fun Valentine’s gifts, I wanted to share with you my findings and hopefully, you will be inspired to do the same for your Valentine or Galentine!

Paper Source
By far the greatest place to find creative, out of the box cards (for any occasion). I can spend DAYS there (store or online).

Galentine’s Gifts:
I rounded up quite a few options for any Galentine in your life.



Other Special items

I have a fabulous hair stylish (Justin Littlefield) and I love giving my Galentine’s gift cards for either a blowout, haircut, treatment or style and my friends love it! Take it a step further and go with them. Make a whole day of it…together. Start with a great brunch, hair, nails, dinner. They will always remember the total experience and that is priceless.

Date Night at Home
Can’t find a reservation in your area? No problem! Setup your own special table out of the comfort of your own home.
Helpful tips: If you’re a great chef, you’re covered. If you’re not, either order takeout from your favorite restaurant and plate it beautifully on your own dishware. Or head over to your local grocery store and cook one of your favorite meals (that you have successfully completed before).

Non-Predicable Gift
A fabulous and original idea is the Love Notes Jar. Complete separate love, heartfelt messages on what your significant other means to you.

Fun for both of you
Bring the coupon book back and have a little fun.
No links here but get creative and go to your local craft store.

A Keeper
Print your favorite photo of the two of you and place it in this picture frame.

Custom Personalized Gifts:

Dress Ideas

What is the best Valentine’s Day gift you have either received or gifted?

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