My Favorite Jeans This Season

January 15, 2018

Jeans, in general, have never been a popular article of clothing in my closet. Not really by choice – jeans are fine – mostly it was because I could never find a pair of jeans that fit me well. I was very optimistic when it came to shopping for jeans but every time I would attempt, stores had absolutely NO jeans for my 37” inseam. You could imagine my building frustration as this was (of course) before companies offered tall options and before one of my favorite trends: the raw hem. THANK YOU, fashion designers, for these great additions!!!

I hated jeans before the raw hem arrived. It was extremely difficult for someone who is 5’11 to find a pair of jeans that were long enough. Now, with the raw hem, jeans are much more adaptable and I can pair them with a variety of shoe styles. Since I was unsuccessful in finding jeans I loved, I decided to devote my wardrobe to dresses, skirts and athletic wear.

I had to get back my love for jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing in skirts and dresses, but not for weekend shopping, or birthday parties, or date nights with my incredible husband. It always made me look like I just came from work. Not the impression I wanted to give off all of the time. Also, I needed to add more casual wear and of course more variety. And did I mention the brutally cold temperatures in Philadelphia? My legs were always frozen all winter long. Something needed to change.

In the last year, I have found so many jeans that I am obsessed with. Here’s a roundup of my top jeans today.

Zero Gravity High-Rise Skinny Ankle Jeans by Banana Republic

My very first find on my hunt to find the perfect length jean. I love these jeans as they mold perfectly to my shape. They are very flattering and come in multiple colors. These jeans are very stretchy and I recommend going down two sizes and wear them around the house for a bit to stretch them out to the perfect comfortable size. I cannot stand when jeans stretch too much and you are consistently pulling them up all the time…never a great look.

Sarah Skinny Jeans by Articles of Society

As of today, these are my favorite go-to jeans. Affordable, super comfortable and I can wear them all day long! At first, I didn’t think I was going to love the raw hem but it elevates all of my looks. I was a little suspect on the length of the inseam as I thought it would only work with boots…nope. I have worn these jeans with high heels, boots and even my tennis shoes. The distressed fading and cutouts give great texture to all types of looks. I highly recommend these jeans as I have them in the prairie and black color. Also, go down one size as they do stretch.

Piper Pearly Detail Ankle Skinny Jeans by STS blue

I recently purchased these jeans and I LOVE them! Clearly, I’m loving the ripped patches in my jeans this season but these are placed in the wrong area for my height. I can already tell by wearing them twice that the hole at the knee is getting larger. No big deal as everything else about this jean is great. I love the addition of the pearl detail and extra ripped patches on the left pant leg. These are a mid-rise jean and run true to size. Another affordable pair that is a great addition to your wardrobe.

Harper Dark Wash Low-rise Ankle Jeans by Abercrombie

I LOVE these jeans and they come in 11 different colors/washes. When you first get these jeans, I recommend putting them on and doing a couple of squats (my tip to stretching jeans and making them fit perfectly). These jeans have the perfect amount of stretch and a form-fitting silhouette. Super stylish, very comfortable and I also love their raw hem. I’m looking forward to the arrival of my other washes. Best part, the dark wash doesn’t lose the color when washing.

High Waist Skinny Ankle Jeans by Rag & Bone

Transitional dark wash jean for any season. The raw hem is a trend I am loving! These skinny jeans have the perfect amount of stretch and can be worn all day. Usually Rag & Bone for me run a bit bigger but I found these jeans true to size for me. Great quality jean that is perfect for any occasion.

I am having a blast shopping for jeans and I am currently on the hunt for other colors (white, grey, red, etc.). If you have any that are your favorites, or if there are jeans you are wanting to try, send me a note and I’ll report back.

Some of my other top contenders in my shopping cart:

Author: Julie Davis

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    January 15, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    Great list, I’m all for my urban outfitters boyfriend jeans 😄could you please take a look at my latest post, it’s a clothing haul😊💕

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