Date Night Made Easy

December 13, 2017


Who doesn’t love a good date night? Getting all dressed up for a night on the town, taking in the sites and enjoying a nice meal… count us in! Especially in Philadelphia where in recent years, the restaurant sense has been booming and options are endless. With so many great restaurants to choose from how does one answer the age-old question of, “Where should we go for dinner?”

Date night is one of my favorite things to do and it all started two years ago when my man (Zach) and I had our first date night at Raw. However, now that there are so many amazing restaurants (if you are like us) there are times where we cannot decide where to go. Which can completely take away the enjoyment and fun of the night…anyone else?

Whether you live in a city or a suburban town, date night is a must! It’s a time together with your significant other, family or best friends to escape real life and truly enjoy yourself. Therefore, why not make date night more fun, easy and interesting. Well… we have created an idea that will make all of this SO much easier and let me tell you once you implement this at your home…you won’t be able to wait to make your first reservation.

No more everyday research and no more trying to figure out where to go…that is so yesterday!

Are you ready for our date night made easy? Here we go!

Date Night Made Easy

  • Research restaurants in the area you frequently dine at
  • Type up a list of the restaurants (however many you want) and assign a number to each one
  • Type a separate list with numbers that match
  • Throw the numbers in a jar and keep the list of restaurants handy
  • Pick a number from the jar and match with that restaurant
  • Make a reservation
  • Cross that restaurant off your list

How easy is that? This is a great way to try places you have never been to before and also revisit your favorites, not to mention it’s a new twist on sticking to your selected choice (no cheating and going back to your old ways). Since implementing this in our home, date nights have been so easy and it truly is a lot of fun. Zach and I cannot wait for date nights to come around so we can play our game and see which is our next restaurant adventure.

Now that we have date night covered for you, get yours started today. We are always looking for the best places in other cities around the world. Please share your list by either dropping a note below or send us a private message.

Happy date night!

Guest Contributor Blogger: Kathryn Marks

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