Winter Jackets that Elevate your Wardrobe

December 11, 2017

During the chilly winter months, jackets are crucial for keeping you warm; however, some can be overly thick and, let’s just say, not fashionable. Thankfully, over the years, many designers have created outwear that is both stylish and versatile for all climate types.

Before moving to Philadelphia from Denver, I owned more sweatshirts than jackets. The old Colorado wise tail holds true, “If you hate the weather wait twenty minutes and it will change.” There was never a need for a true winter jacket (or multiple jackets for that matter) during my time in Denver. But now that I live on the East Coast, things have drastically changed.

Philadelphia is notorious for its harsh temperatures (humidity and wind chill is no joke) and having multiple winter jackets is the norm. I don’t own a car, which means I walk everywhere or take a Lyft.  Since I’m not a huge fan of the freezing cold temperatures, I most likely always have my jacket on and only take it off when I get home. Outwear is as a key part of my wardrobe and the majority of my collection are on the thicker side as I lean on them to keep me extra warm. I have a variety of different styles and colors so I can accessorize (hats, scarves, gloves, etc.) with the rest of my wardrobe.

My jacket is the last thing I put on, which means it’s going to be the first to get noticed.  So, for me, it needs to be on point! Whether you are going to the mall, work, going out with friends or family, having that perfect statement is key.

My checklist for my outwear:

  1. Is the jacket functional?
  2. Does it tailor well to my body type?
  3. Is it for warmth or a fashion statement?
  4. Is it worth the cost?

I am always on the look out for functional and stylish jackets. There are many sales going on this winter, which makes it easy for anyone to purchase different types/styles of outwear without breaking the bank.

Here are some of my favorites along with some of my favorite finds:

Stylish and Functional Jackets:

Durable Jackets for the Harsh Winters:

Cold Weather Essentials:

How do you shop for outwear? Is it an after thought or do you put in the time to find key pieces that fit your fashion personality?

Author: Julie Davis

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