Dressing For The Part You Want

November 30, 2017

The times I’m most confident is when I’m wearing professional business attire. I’m a big believer that you dress for the part you want and not for the part you have.

Ladies, we should feel blessed with the number of options we have. I mean men’s options are very limited. Our options are endless: skirts, dresses, pants, suits and the variety of each is incredible.

I hear some of you saying, “How much is this going to cost me?” And trust me, you don’t have to buy it all at once. You don’t get a fabulous wardrobe overnight. It takes time and patience.

To get started with a fabulous professional business attire wardrobe, you must set the foundation with the key pieces outlined below. After you have your key essentials, it’s subsequently much easier to build from there. Remember, it’s quality, not quantity.

Key Professional Business Attire:

  1. Quality tailored pencil skirts
    • Stick with basic colors to start: black, navy, heather gray, and beige
    • Be sure the length is no shorter than right above your knee…we’re not in high school anymore
  2. Variety of blouses and buttons downs
    • This is a great area where you can start adding your own flair. I like to add a pop of color and different textures
    • Choose different styles and sleeve lengths
  3. Durable, quality shoes
    • I cannot stress this enough! You are walking in these beauties all day and they MUST be comfortable. If you buy cheap shoes, you’re bound for foot pain, blisters and they most likely will fall apart quickly (which will cost you way more money in the long run). Figure out what shoe type is best for your current everyday line of work and build from there. Fun Fact: if you buy quality, you can take your shoes to the repair shop and they will last longer than having to constantly re-purchase the cheaper shoes (saving you more money or provide you with extra money for more shoes) YAY!
  4. Black dress
    • This wardrobe staple is very versatile and having one or two in your closet will go far. Nothing is worse than being asked to attend an event or take a client to a nice dinner…at the last minute…and you have nothing in your closet! Having this staple will save the day and is a classic.
  5. Work bag
    • I am not saying you need to jump right in with a Prada bag (I mean that would be lovely). But you need a bag that is durable for your 9 to 5 and that can carry all your essentials. Be sure it is sturdy enough to last you a while or you will be in the same boat regarding my shoe comments above.
  6. Accessories
    • Earrings: my go to are my faux diamond studs. Classic jewelry helps bring the entire outfit together
    • Fashion pieces, which allow you to mix and match without paying a fortune
    • Classic watch – helps with not always looking at your phone
  7. Blazer/Jacket
    • Always nice to have a fitted blazer to take your every day looks to the next level
    • When the climate changes, you are going to want a suitable jacket that meets the standards of the rest of your attire

It’s truly essential to have a basic foundation of key statement pieces for your everyday business attire. Below I have listed my favorites along with some cost-effective alternatives. Remember, a way to build your wardrobe faster is to always watch out for the sales. Be sure to follow my blog for all the latest wardrobe deals! Happy shopping!

Have a staple in your closest? Please share!

Author: Julie Davis

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