Give Winter the Cold Shoulder

November 27, 2017


Today, the weather in Philadelphia dropped almost twenty degrees! However, it wasn’t quite cold enough for an oversized jacket (but we’re getting close). As I looked through my closet to figure out what to wear, I started contemplating different types of sweaters. I’m sure you totally understand what I mean: is this sweater too chucky, too thin, does it make me too hot, or too cold, is it comfortable and lastly is it the look you are feeling? Decisions, decisions.

With the weather changing so drastically here, off the shoulder clothing can be a bit tricky. Sometimes you’re not quite sure how warm you may or may not be. But on this day the weather cooperated and was perfect for my cozy off the shoulder sweater. One of my favorite features of this sweater is the fact that you can dress up your look or keep it very casual. The softness of the fabric makes it very easy to wear but be sure to go down a size as it does run large. This Treasure & Bond sweater is only $69, and comes in three different colors. It is a wardrobe must and you won’t be disappointed.

I paired the sweater with my Articles of Society black skinny jeans. I love how they have the perfect amount of distressed details, whether in the hem with the fringed detail, or the rips along the front. The denim is made out of stretchy materials that make them great for all day wear. The shape is flattering for all body types. I was a little hesitant regarding the higher hem – I am 5’11 and as I mentioned in pervious post, finding any type of jean that is long enough is very difficult. However, I don’t mind the crop at the mid-calf as I felt it brought an edger look to my outfit. Even with the crop at the mid-calf, these jeans run true to size and this brand has an amazing collection of jeans in all colors and different shapes.

I added my standard pop of color with my always-functional Burberry handbag. I receive so many complements on this bag! It comes in a variety of colors and different sizes. The medium size is perfect for all occasions. A quick note on my shoes because I tried on multiple pairs of shoes, as this outfit is very versatile. I opted for my Michael Kors black pumps to tie the look together.

Do you have a sweater like this? Tell us about it!

Author: Julie Davis

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