My Favorite Workout Outfit

September 18, 2016


Have you ever heard, “When you look good you feel good?” I have, and I completely believe it. I always feel confident when I take the time to dress myself in what I like to call my “go-to” outfit. Whether it’s for work, social or going to gym, I always make sure I am presenting the best me. I am sure you are thinking, “Why present the best you at the gym, you’re working out?” Well the gym has the same effect. I personally can tell the difference in my workouts with the outfit I am wearing. If I look sloppy, I workout sloppy. But if I look confident, I feel confident and it elevates my workouts.

As I have mentioned before, I’ve been an athlete my entire life and I enjoy working out. Trust me, sometimes it is a bit of a struggle to get me to the gym but as soon as I get there it usually is my best workout. Because I am an athlete, I have had my fair share of athletic outfits. Some great and some that didn’t hit the mark. What makes one outfit feel better than another? It comes down to the quality and fit. When a piece of clothing is quality and fits right; it’s a game changer. In the recent years there has been a shift into more stylish-chic workout clothes. Why not look trendy at the gym? Always presenting the best you is key!

My confidence and go-to line happens to be Under Armour (down below is my ultimate favorite). Why? Here’s the deal: I pretty much love workout clothes and wear many brands but Under Armour trumps all. When I sweat, the fabric keeps me cool, dry and light. The fit of their clothes fit right (hiding those imperfections) and are very chic. I have all day comfort no matter which outfit I wear. And with Under Amour’s slogan “We will protect this house” how could you not feel like a bad ass!

I hit the gym in my recently purchased new Under Armour outfit. I felt great and ready to tackle my workout. I knew it was going to be an intense training session and I was ready. Usually when I run, my clothes are soaked and my gym towel doesn’t cut it. With Under Armour that isn’t the case. After my run it was time to hit the row machine and I needed to use the restroom (I drink a ton of water). My worry was putting my pants back on after my intense run because of the sweat…you know what I’m talking about. But I was extremely impressed that the fabric in the Under Armour line prevents that and keeps you feeling dry. LOVE IT!!! After my long workout, my outfit looked great and I still felt confident (even if my hair was a sweaty mess). I love Under Armour and the way it makes me feel when I wear it. I felt so great I noticed a little strut in my step.

I don’t have rock hard abs and I am not even close to a body builder body but when I put on my Under Armour I can take on any gym challenge. I push myself to run a little longer, lift heavier and push myself even harder. Like I mentioned before, when you look/feel confident you can take on the world!

The Under Armour outfit from my story:

Do you have a confident, go-to workout outfit? I would love to hear about it.

Author: Julie Davis

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