My Zen Place: Independence Hall

September 5, 2016


Do you have a location that inspires you? Do you have a place that motivates you or empowers you to do more? I truly believe there is such a thing as power of location to help people find creativity and inspiration. One of my places of inspiration is Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

I visit Independence Hall daily and as I stand outside the birthplace of America, I try to imagine what times were like in the 1700s. I think about our Founding Fathers and their thought process behind their journey towards a free world from the British. I marvel at how they survived on their own without any handbook or guidance besides the support from others who shared the same vision.

Taking the sites in and realizing all the great things that took place in that very spot helps put things into prospective. It helps me realize there is tremendous potential in this world. I am intrigued by the history of America and the steps that were taken to get us where we are today.

Independence Hall is where legendary historians debated and built the framework of who we are today. It is where both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution where created and signed. It is where the passing of power took place from our first President of the United States, George Washington to our second President of the United States, John Adams…to name a few.

The energy and empowerment I receive when staring at this monument location is like no other. I realize we can do more than what we are doing today. We can turn nothing into something. We can do great things if we just believe in ourselves.

Independence Hall Facts:

  • Construction started in 1732
  • The building originally housed all three branches of Pennsylvania’s Colonial Government
  • Completed in 1753
  • Originally named Pennsylvania State House
  • Most of the exterior is original (except the wings of the building) and almost all the interior is recreated to the original time period
  • The Rising Star chair is real and original to the building and most of the furnishing throughout the building are from the 18th century and or recreated
  • George Washington was appointed Commander in Chief of the Continental Army back in 1775
  • Rooms on the first floor:
    • The Assembly Room; where the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution was debated and signed
    • Pennsylvania Supreme Courtroom
  • Rooms on the second floor:
    • Long Gallery
    • Governor’s Council Chamber
  • The key Founding Fathers

Next time you’re near 6th and Chestnut in Philadelphia, be sure to visit Independence Hall.

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Author: Julie Davis

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