Best Kept Secret Dinner Picnic Party

August 21, 2016


There is something intriguing to me regarding the hottest “chic-picnic” experience known as Dîner en Blanc. The mysterious location, well dressed all-in-white fashion, breathtaking moments/views, accompanied by 5,000 + people. Count me in!

Since moving to Philadelphia and learning about Dîner en Blanc, I couldn’t wait to attend. However, each year when the award-winning event would roll around I, of course, was out of town…disappointing!!! This uber-trendy picnic with a remarkable waitlist has been on my mind and this year I wasn’t going to miss it.

The feat of Dîner en Blanc could not be successful without the skilled event organizers and the table leader volunteers. Their job is to make sure that everyone attending completely understands the concept, which elevates the overall experience. Attendees have no idea where the location is until moments before the event. Everyone attending must be dressed entirely in white, armed with their own dinner, champagne, white tables, white chairs, white linens, white dishes – you get the picture – everything in white!

This year my husband and I were ready to go! (Yes, it is somewhat of an investment year one but once you have the essentials you are good to go year after year). The event festivities kicked off with my hair appointment – thank you, Justin Littlefield, my very gifted hairdresser from Salon Thalia. He created a new look (photos below) for the event where I received an overwhelming amount of compliments! THANK YOU, Justin, aka J-ray. After putting together my entire outfit, I felt gorgeous. We loaded up the Dîner en Blanc must haves and we were on our way.


Once we arrived at our table leader’s location everyone was ready to head to the secret location. The excitement and anticipation of the other attendees made me even more excited. As we started walking towards the secret spot, I knew it was going to be held at the magnificent Philadelphia Museum of Arts. We walked to our exact table spot at the Museum, set everything up and I stopped to take in the unforgettable views of the 5,000+ attendees, dressed in white having a sensational time.

You know when it’s time to eat when everyone raises and waves their white linen napkin (again another beautiful view) all at the same time. Our food was catered by Fine Palate and the pictures speak for themselves: amazing food that we, of course, devoured. Thank you Fine Palate! Champagne was popped (multiple times at our table of course) and when you’re done eating you’re free to walk around and take it all in.

Food - Fine Palate


One of my favorite moments was at roughly 9:15pm, everyone was given a sparkler to light up the night. Can you imagine how that looked? Well, yours truly took a ton of photos (see below).



An unforgettable evening filled with friends, fashion, food, champagne, dancing, pictures and breathtaking moments and views. The event didn’t disappoint and I cannot wait until next year!

It is truly unbelievable how in today’s world of social media and everyone’s needs to always be “in the know,” that the secret location was kept secret. I want to give major props to the Dîner en Blanc organizers for always keeping the event location a secret while still pulling off the best pop-up picnic ever! Congratulations Natanya and Kayli, well done!

Author: Julie Davis

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