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Speed and Agility Workout

August 14, 2016


  • Row machine 15 minutes high intensity

Ladder Workout 3X each


  • One step run
  • Double leg run
  • Side step run
  • Icky Shuffle
  • Lateral in and out
  • In-in-out-out forward
  • Skier
  • Hopscotch
  • Out –twist-out-twist
  • Karaoke
  • Lateral plank walks
  • Scissor

Track sprints 10x length, walk the curve



  • Planks 2x 30-45 seconds
  • Partner side twist 2×10 (each side)
  • Medicine ball sit up push 2×20
  • Trunk Rotations with medicine ball. Crunch as you twist to center 3X10 (each side)

After Workout Meal:

  • Vega protein shake, almond milk and a banana
  • Half of a whole wheat English Muffin with half of an avocado, sriracha sauce and one egg

Half whole wheat English Muffin with half of an avocado and one egg










Author: Julie Davis 

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