What’s Your Favorite Meal?

August 13, 2016

Let me ask you a question: If you had to eat a handful of meals for the rest of your life, what would they be? I know this would be a very easy question for my husband as he pretty much eats the same thing every day. And I am sure if you ask him this question, his response would be “anything with peanut butter.” For me… this is much harder. I mean I know what I like but I am big on variety and bold flavors.

Since moving to Philadelphia, my husband and I have been exposed to mouth-watering, delicious, tasty food. The restaurant scene in Philadelphia has extraordinary culinary talent with cuisine from all over the world. Even though I love to cook, there are times I would prefer to stop into one of my favorite places for takeout. But since I asked the question, I’ll share my top six meals that are my go to and could eat every day for the rest of my life.

Disclaimer about my selections below, ANYTHING you order from these restaurants will blow your mind. Hint: the reason why I keep going back.

  1. Thai Coconut Curry, lobster with Lemongrass and Jasmine Rice from Fine Palate
  2. Spaghetti, king crab, tomato butter and Calabrian chili from Sbraga
  3. Carrot Asado Salad, curtido, avocado, poblano, grilled corn, crushed pepitas from V Street 
  4. Sherwin’s Turkey on Kaiser Roll, mayo, green goddess, lettuce, fresh herbs from High Street on Market 
  5. Bucatini with jalapeno and almond pesto from Amis
  6. Lava Sushi Roll, crab sticks, cucumber, avocado, on-top: asparagus, broiled spicy tako sauce (Octopus, Scallion, Mayo) from Fat Salmon Sushi 

Each one of these above restaurants works with only high quality, fresh seasonal ingredients. They have great attention to detail and make you feel at home. Don’t just take my word for it, make your reservations today and let me know your thoughts! Happy eating.

Tell me about your favorite dishes.

Author: Julie Davis

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