3rd Half Marathon In The Books!

April 17, 2016


I have officially completed my 3rd half marathon and I feel FABULOUS (besides the many blisters on my feet)! Overall, I am extremely proud of myself.

This half marathon was truly an emotional journey to say the least. A dear friend of mine passed away unexpectedly, my amazing husband was officially cured from his cancer (YAH!), my work travel was insane, Grandma had a heart attack (she is doing much better), I ended up catching the flu (boo) and of course life happened! Those challenges did not bring me down or stand in my way of completing my half marathon. I’m determined and I channeled my sadness, happiness and all other emotions  to cross the finish line.

All said and done I didn’t break my PR but I inspired those around me that even when challenges get in your way, stay focused and always remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Life happens and keep moving forward!

Cheers to the next race… which is the Philadelphia Tough Mudder and then another half marathon! I’m READY!

Author: Julie Davis

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