My Running Journey

February 6, 2016

Before the half marathonI would describe myself as athletic and I love a good run or CrossFit workout. Any day I can have at the gym is a good day. I got the opportunity to play a lot of team sports in high school and college and I loved every minute of it. A few years ago, my sisters got into running half and full marathons. That got me thinking about adding long-distance running to my athletic schedule.

I’ve never been a big runner (I actually despised the thought of running more than one mile) but I figured my athletic background would carry me though. One weekend, my husband and I went to the local running store where I learned about proper shoes, attire, and form. And that was the day that changed my mindset on running.

Getting started was hard and staying motivated was even harder. As I was running outside, I would see others effortlessly zipping past me like it was no big deal. As those talented runners ran past me I would think to myself, “How do they do this and how can I be like them?” With how I currently manage my days; I brought the same practice to running. It’s all about preparation and understanding what steps you need to take to accomplish your goals.

I took a large daunting challenge and broke it into smaller more manageable tasks. I started with distance: I didn’t care how long it took me to get there as long as I got there. Then I would work on my speed. With enough patience, running started to become easier. After a few weeks of learning to run, I soon found myself running five miles without falling over.

I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever run a half marathon but yet I have, two!

It’s half marathon time and my goal is to beat my own personal record. I am up for the challenge and will share my training experience over the next two months. April 10th here I come!

I look forward to sharing my training schedule with you and empower you to accomplish something you thought was impossible.

Author: Julie Davis

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