Philadelphia Holiday Traditions

December 27, 2015

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I absolutely love the holidays and really enjoy creating new holiday traditions with my wonderful husband. Ever since moving to Philadelphia we started new holiday traditions, one being picking a fabulous restaurant to host us for Christmas Eve.

Philadelphia has some of the best restaurant in the world and for the last three years we have made Butcher and Singer our Christmas Eve restaurant tradition. Yes, Butcher and Singer is known for their steaks (I don’t eat red meat) but what draws me to their restaurant is the overall “Mad Men” atmosphere. Everyone is dressed to the nines, all while enjoying great drinks and delicious food with family and friends. Butcher and Singer’s cocktails and dinner menu selection is unbelievable and you won’t be disappointed. And their staff is incredible; they make sure your experience is one you’ll never forget. We highly recommend Butcher and Singer!

Every year we keep our itemized bill and put it in a spiral notebook. We write about our overall experience and it also helps us to remember what we ate the year before and who served us. After three years it’s truly fantastic to look back at our notes from the pervious years before we head back. It is great to see how much we love Butcher and Singer – delicious food across the board. I personally cannot get enough of the lobster tails and roasted chicken (SERIOUSLY AMAZING)!! The exquisite décor makes your overall dinning experience even more sophisticated. My husband and I love sitting in the half-moon booths taking the night in.

Thank you to Butcher and Singer for making our Christmas Eve tradition so special. My husband and I cannot wait to come back next year!!

What’s your holiday tradition?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Author: Julie Davis

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