Tips for Standing Out at Your Next Conference

November 29, 2015

Conferences are taking place every day, and many people want to figure out ways to stand out from the thousands of people attending.

Here is why I think people attend conferences:

  1. Networking
  2. Educational
  3. Advancing their career
  4. Exploring a new city
  5. Catching up with industry partners/leaders
  6. Because they are forced to attend

Whatever your reason may be for attending a conference, think outside of the box on ways you can stand out. Or pick one of my tips and master it!

  1. Learn as much as you can about the conference

As I prepare for my upcoming conference, I want to educate myself on the conference host, conference location, speakers, and who else might be attending the event. The internet is a fantastic resource tool. I check the conference hashtag to see who’s posting about the conference. I research interests of the speakers. I find this is the best way to learn more information on the venue and the hosts.

  1. Prepare conference specific questions

After you have done your research, prepare a list of questions to have in your back pocket regarding the conference. This prepares you to speak on topics besides the weather and travel. Be sure to have conferences topics and questions ready and be the ‘thought attendee-thought leader.’

  1. Be a Social Media Machine

Engaging on social media during a conference is a must! You can discuss different topics and write reviews on the location, venue, host, speakers, attendees, and sponsors. Think of ways that you can stand out: ask questions, write positive reviews, post photos, etc. Others will follow, retweet and want more from you. It is a great way to get noticed!

  1. Keep track of the people you meet

Every time I meet someone I make a mental note on where I met them (during the conference), what we spoke about and once I go back to my room I add it to my conference notebook in Evernote. I love being a connector and connecting people with others they want to meet. Not only am I making great connections, but also people will remember me for making the initial connection and return the favor.

  1. Take detailed notes

I take as many notes as possible because I want to learn and retain the information, and I want to be a resource to other attendees.

How to use this information
What are your tips for standing out at a conference? Contact me today for more information on women in business, networking and social media.

Author: Julie Davis

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