Networking in Philadelphia: Secrets of meeting people anywhere and at any time.

November 29, 2015

Everyone has his or her own daily routine and for the most part we wake up, get ready, go to the office, work all day and commute back home. BORING! So many individuals do this day in and day our and may never interact with anyone.

Which leads me to the power of working anywhere and at any time. You NEVER know whom you may meet and what you may learn. The power of a laptop is truly amazing.

Back-story on me; I am a remote employee at the top event software management company and I work in the sales department. Over the years I have learned that cold calls don’t work and it is SO easy to delete an email or a voicemail. Times are changing and what does a lady have to do? Think outside of the box!

Every Sunday I plan out my week and every night I review what the next day holds for me. I wake up in the morning, get ready, and check emails before I am out the door laptop in hand. Business professionals are on the move and in my case event organizers are either attending an event or monitoring their own event. I choose to leave the house because we all know I am not meeting anyone new siting at my desk all day trying to develop relationships.

Most of the time I am either at a local coffee shop or bakery, an organized event, hotel lobby or at my professional club. Professionals are everywhere and the more individuals you meet and build relationships with the more individuals they will introduce you to. And now the domino effect has started.

Don’t be that creepy person walking around and introducing yourself to everyone. Find a location and a nice area for you to setup your workspace and see when it is appropriate to interact with someone. I love talking with clients/prospects on the phone and completing demonstrations because you never know who is listening and who may know someone who is in need of your services.

I also ask strategic partners to breakfast, lunch and or happy hours. I try not to eat alone as much as possible. I am not saying this has to be expensive; I usually pack a lunch or brew my own tea. Be creative! Keeping your inner circle involved and asking them questions helps open new opportunities for you.


  1. Pre-schedule your week on Sunday (or anytime before Monday rolls around)
  2. Get away from your office as much as possible and setup shop strategically nearby
  3. Never eat alone
  4. Stay in contact with your strategic partners

Individuals want to help others be successful as long as you put in the time. Be creative and find out what fits best with your life.

How to use this information
A daily goal of mine is to meet someone new everyday. It grows my network of powerful women and you never know who your next great contact will be! For more networking in Philadelphia tips and tricks, contact me for more information.

Author: Julie Davis

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