Networking Tips: The Dos and Don’ts of Networking

August 23, 2015

On average, I attend 15 events a month and I have seen my fair share of “dos and don’ts” when it comes to networking. In most cases people feel they have an understanding on how to properly network but never seem to act on it. Here are some helpful networking tips on the dos and don’ts of event networking.

I have a different purpose on why I attend networking events; it could be work related, showing face, personal and or mandatory. Networking is all about building relationships and strategic partnerships in all aspect of your life. Each event is a great opportunity to meet individuals that you may not meet otherwise. They can be leaders in your industry, potential clients, long-term relationships or the next great opportunity.

After attending events, I like to write down dos and don’ts I witnessed and here are my top networking tips:


  1. Dress professionally
  2. Research your event and set goals on making at least three new meaningful connections
  3. Introduce yourself to new faces and learn something interesting about them
  4. Take notes on the individuals you meet
  5. Carry business cards


  1. Walk around asking for everyone’s business cards
  2. Hand out your business cards to every attendee
  3. Hangout with only people you know
  4. “Hard” sell someone you just met
  5. Ignore the person who is speaking to you

How to use this information
No matter what industry you are in, networking is an effective way to increase your visibility and make great face-to-face business connections. Follow these dos and don’ts and you’ll be a networking master in no time. Check out my my website for additional event networking tips or contact me for more information on event networking.

Author: Julie Davis



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