Philadelphia Experiences: Redo/Relive Party

August 16, 2015

4Did you ever experience an event in your life that did not go to plan and you wish you could do it all over? A couple of ladies and I created one of our fantastic Philadelphia Experiences dedicated to making it happen all over again in a clever way! Introducing the Redo/Relive Party.

When the concept for the Redo/Relive party was brought to my attention a group of us ladies starting thinking about all the events from our past we could redo/relive. When you really think back, there are so many to choose from.

How it works:

Get a group of ladies (or gentlemen) together to decide which event each person will redo/relive

  1. Figure out a date and location for the event
  2. Create appropriate decorations and or sashes to illustrate your redo/relive event
  3. Have everyone wear black (makes your party stand out but keeps everyone on the same redo playing field)
  4. Meet at a designated starting point for photos and to get the party started

The experience of bringing together so many individuals to redo/relive an event was fabulous. Everyone was enjoying him or herself and all of us made sure the night was unforgettable. Everyone came in knowing each of us had “not such a great past experience” and wanted to create a night that we wouldn’t forget.

How to use this information

Planning a redo/relive party is a great way to create amazing Philadelphia Experiences with your networks or to make new connections. Contact me today for more information on planning a redo/relive party with your friends, co-workers or network.

Author: Julie Davis

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