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Empowering Women: Stop Saying Sorry

August 16, 2015

As you know I am a massive advocate for empowering women and working towards a movement to boost women in leadership all around the world.

I received an email from a friend, and she started the body of the email saying, “I am super sorry for not getting back to you sooner…” I wrote her back and informed her she doesn’t need to apologize.

This got me thinking, why do women and people in general always say “sorry”?

I started to really observe the people around me and I noticed that we, as women, say sorry WAY too much.

Why we say sorry:

  • We want to be liked
  • We don’t want to start a conflict with someone we know
  • We don’t want to sound demanding or bossy
  • We don’t know what else to say

I feel like saying “sorry” is the same thing as ending an email or text with a smiley face icon. We are lowering the rebuttal from the individuals we are communicating with. Or we are saying, “I am so sorry to bother you,” to someone we have repeatedly asked to send us something or give us an answer on something we asked for weeks ago.

Women have the mindset that we must be polite and nurture those around us. Is sorry our crutch for holding back what we want to say or is it a way for us to avoid potential future conflict?

Now that you have read this blog think back about times you had said sorry and wish you didn’t. Start keeping track of how many times you say sorry in a day, week, month and start making a change. I feel when you say sorry it can be a lack of confidence. Get your confidence back!

Sorry, I’m not sorry.

How to use this information
Empowering women is my passion! If you’re interested in learning more about empowering the great business women in your organization, contact me for more details.

Author: Julie Davis

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