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August 16, 2015

December is the standard time when people all over the world start planning for their New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s to lose weight, travel more, or find a new job we’re consistently focusing on long-term goals rather than thinking about smaller daily goals – goals to help us achieve our ultimate aspirations one step at a time. How many times have you achieved your New Year’s resolutions or stuck with your long-term future goal?

I recently read a book by Marshall Goldsmith called Triggers. The book was very easy to read and gave me insight into ways I could better improve myself in my current environment, and any future environment I may encounter.

The knowledge I gained from reading Triggers is practical straightforward steps that can help you change your behavioral and achieve your ultimate goals.

Almost everyone wants that secret magical sauce that is going to help him or her achieve goals faster. But it doesn’t work that way, change is hard and once you focus on what matters most, you must take action and work hard every day to achieve your goals.

My favorite statement in Triggers in chapter 18 page 185:

“The present is the ideal place to be. This is where we shape ourselves into a better person. We can’t do it in the past; that’s gone. We can’t do it in a future that exists only in our minds, where the people who matter have yet to arrive. We can only do it in the moment.”

The above statement is truly a game changer for me. Start by creating structure in your life, write down your desired goals each week, take action and work hard to achieve your best every day.

When you start keeping track of your goals on a daily basis you add awareness, which will help keep your goals top of mind.  Learn from your past behaviors and try to be a better you every day. Your main goal is to seek a better outcome day after day. If you feel keeping yourself accountable is hard, ask a friend.

Key take-a-ways:

  • Create daily goals and focus on your effort rather than results
  • Forecast your environment and be prepared
  • Marshall says to ask yourself “Did I do my best to…”
  • Track your daily progress
  • Change doesn’t happen overnight
  • Only you can control your reaction to your environment

Again, remember change does not happen overnight, set your priorities, be disciplined, take action and start working towards a better you today!

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